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Emerald is a vibrant green chrome with a buttery consistency. It can be applied in the traditional chrome method or patted onto the tacky inhibition layer of gel for a shimmer effect. For the chrome method, apply the chrome with the Magpie Chrome tool and if needed, rub in any excess with the Magpie Silicone Tool.

Emerald is part of the Chrome Jewel Collection. These chromes are intensely pigmented and can be applied over any color.


Chromes can be used as either a dust or a chrome. Mix with base or top coat to create paint to add to nail art, dust onto the tacky layer of gel and gently brush off the excess, mix with clear acrylic OR chrome over Magpie Gel Don't Be Tacky.

3g of product 

Photo credit @mrs.paj (paired with Holly glitter), @Amanda_byrne_nailartist, @isabelmaynails


** Please note this product is packaged in a 4g jar. The jar will NOT be full when you receive it**

Emerald Chrome Dust

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