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The Magpie Illustrator nail art brush is a must have. It's one of those 'once you know, you know!' kind of brushes. This brush is excellent for moving large amount of art gel or gel polish at once. Painting a face or a pumpkin or a snowman, etc on a nail? You can make tiny strokes with the Magpie Detailer or get the job done quickly with the Magpie Illustrator. Trust us... you need this brush!

Suggestion: purchase a Magpie Gold Lid to store your brush and protect the bristles. 

Taking care of your brush! Please do not use any solvents or cleaning products. Gently wipe your brush with a dry lint free wipe to remove any product. Rub the bristles though top gloss such as Magpie Shine Bright to clean out any colored gel. Store flat in a dark drawer or upside down in the Magpie Gold Lid.

Illustrator Nail Art Brush

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