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Forget Mia Not-is a semi sheer taupe pink with a hint of lilac. She is part of the new Pretty in Pink gel collection.

Magpie Gel Polishes are formulated with the highest quality, adhere to the strict EU regulations and are fully manufactured in the UK.

Magpie Gel Polish is 100% pure gel which offers more durability without any of issues that come from hybrid gel polishes.

Magpie Gel Polish benefits include:

does not dry or thin the natural nail

excellent adhesion (no aggressive nail prep or filing needed)

beautiful creamy texture applies easily and does not run into the cuticle

curved bristles to aid application near the eponychium

60 second LED cure

easy and fast removal with acetone

doesn't dry out in the Magpie bottle

long shelf life if stored correctly, making it easy to use until the last drop

15ml each


Lottie Glitter: Is part of the Bedazzled glitter collection. It pairs perfectly with Supercharged Holo glitter Faith.

Size: Chunky , holographic

9g product

January 2024 Monthly Special (forget Mia Not & Lottie)

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