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The Magpie Gel Brush (square bristles) makes for quick application of the Magpie Build Me Up potted gels! 


To condition the bristles: remove the starch from the bristles by gently rubbing them on a soft towel until the bristles move easily. Rub the bristles through the Build Me Up clear gel,  being sure to apply pressure to the bristles so that gel gets between every fiber. Wipe off any excess gel back into the BMU pot. Gently 'squish' the excess gel out of the bristles using a lint free wipe. 

Store the gel brush upside down in a brush holder with the aid of the Magpie Gold Cap or store the gel brush flat in a dark drawer. 


The Magpie Gold Cap fits this brush! Sold separately.

Magpie Gel Brush - Black Handle

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